Wednesday, January 19, 2011

we suck at timing

yep, by they i mean these two:

ok. so. to preface, on Sunday, Scott told someone at church that right now our life is like a big box that someone is continuously shaking. pretty accurate. things are insane. you see, we found out last week that instead of arriving home March 7th as planned, Scott's parents will be leaving Africa on February 1st. as in two weeks from TODAY. my reaction: holy crap. i think Scott had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Scott's dad has been called to be a mission president of somewhere (not sure where yet) and will report for that with his wife in late June. amazing. that likely had something to do with why their departure date was moved up a bit.

so. to recap, 1. we've been living in Scott's parents' ginormous home for the last (almost) 18 months, it's way too big for us to manage and therefore kind of a disaster. 2. we bought a house in June and have been fixing it up. that house, also a huge mess. will possibly be ready for move in by March 7th (you know, the date that now means nothing), definitely not ready for move in now. 3. i am 37 weeks pregnant, meaning huge, uncomfortable, exhausted, super emotional. not a great combo any day but i'd argue especially not good on days that bring crazyunexpectedlifechanging news.

so. for now the plan is to clean this place like crazy, pack up all our stuff, and move down into the basement for a short while. i'm trying to be flexible though (so not easy for me). plans have a funny way of changing on us. oh and yeah. we own two homes, and we'll be living with Scott's parents. can you say awesome. anyway, i should get back to running around like a (very pregnant) chicken with my head cut off. a few photos of the madness:

luckily we had lots of help Monday to get our clean up going.
i am SO grateful for the family and friends that came by to help.
i can't even begin to say how much i appreciate it.
we might just survive this adventure yet!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

two oh one oh baby

There've been quite a few things I've wanted to document on here these past few months, but lately it's taking everything I've got just to get my buns outta bed in the morning. That's ok though, time to start fresh again. So how about a little recap of 2010 to begin with? This is our...

Top 10 of Twenty Ten

1. First up in 2010 was Scott being hired at his first real job! So exciting. I'm beyond proud of his hard work to support our family.

Check out that set up, holy nerd alert! Scott's desk and the building he works at.

2. On a less happy note, Scott also had double hernia surgery last year. Talk about lame. Especially that part when I had to clean up his puke. Yuck.

3. Next we found that we're expecting again! I spent over half of 2010 being sick, getting larger, and feeling totally uncomfortable. So happy that the end is now in sight.

4. And last June I quit my desk job. Walking away turned out to be harder and more emotional than I'd anticipated, but I have NO regrets. Spending each day with Eva is the bomb. It's still hard work, but being her mom is a job that I love.

5. Also last year, we bought a house. We went from not even looking at houses to being homeowner's in less than a month. Insane. When it's right it's right I guess. Here's a picture of the new place. Not much to look at now, but someday it will be awesome.

6. Which leads me to our next great undertaking of 2010. Home Renovations...dun dun dunnnn. We bought the house knowing that there were quite a few things we wanted to change/update/fix up. It seemed perfect since we had a chunk of savings set aside for this, and we knew we wouldn't have to move in right away. Yeah, needless to say, I've had quite a few "holy crap, what were we thinking" moments about this house since we bought it. Like I said, someday it will be awesome, and I'll just keep telling myself that.

These pics are kind of old. Lots of before and after's to come.

7. This past year was a big one for miss Eva, I can't believe how much she's changed in just a year. She turned one, took her first steps, spoke her first words, the list goes on. Now she's running full speed and jabbering away all day long. She joined the nursery at church, (one of the best Sunday's all year in my opinion) and she also had a little operation this last year. We learned more about Eva's heart condition last year and she underwent her first surgery to correct it. I love her so much it's crazy.

SO full of personality.

8. Scott did some traveling in 2010, and for the sake of my sanity, lets hope it's the last of his traveling for a good while. He spent 10 days in Indiana and 11 days in Iowa, and I spent the entire time going crazy. Not really, but kind of. I make a pretty terrible single parent.

9. Last year was also a great one for Jameson Photos and all that's come with our little photography business: stress, insecurity, tears, and exhaustion, but also improvement, growth, accomplishment, and pride. I'm just so glad to be able to feel good at something I really love and to get to share that with others.

Please excuse my blindingly white legs.

A preview of things to come on the photoblog.

10. Lastly, the past year has been filled with lots of time spent together. Little trips to Sunrise, California, and Snowflake, the Muse concert, walks to the park, feeding the ducks, reading together, playing together, visiting the zoo, these are my favorite moments of 2010.

That's a wrap!