Monday, October 4, 2010

A Husband Free Guide to Survival

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We miss Scott. The end of today marks the halfway point of his trip, which means we've made it without him for five whole days! Well besides the play dates, friendly visits, and family time, there've been a few other things gettin us through. Definitely things I recommend for any good husband free length of time. First up is good movies and television. It's been a period film marathon over here, and thanks to some friends, I've become slightly obsessed with Friday Night Lights. Soo good.

Next on my list are good books to read. I go through phases with reading. I grew up loving it, devouring every book in sight, and sometimes I still get in those moods where I can't get enough. Lately that's been just my mood, and with Scott gone, I've had more time to get lost in my books each night. These are a few of my recent reads, rereads, and future reads.

Of course this list also wouldn't be complete without good food. For me this includes not only good snacks, but also delicious dinners. I finally feel like I'm out of my early pregnancy nauseous/lazy phase (it's about time at 21 weeks along!), but now I've been in craving city. Bring on the sugar cereal! These have been my most recent go to munchies.

And some favorite dinners as of late.

Last but not least, as of today, we've enjoyed some pretty fabulous weather, and I'm hoping there's a lot more where that came from. This means playing outside, which is a big deal. We haven't played outside for more than two seconds since like March! And this cute girl loves to play outside.

So there you have it, my must have survival list for living Scott free :)
Here's to lasting the next five days without him!