Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Math to Live By

Me+Scott-Eva+babysitter+free tix+good friends=one super fun night of awesome tuneage.

Awesome might be a strong word actually. To tell you the truth, The Killers were pretty terrible live. The music was less than amazing, and the stage presence was equally lame--possibly the only band I've heard up close whose performance made me want to stick to the cd. At one point we even found ourselves asking if the song was supposed to sound like that. Yeah, not good.

As disappointing as it was, the box seats and this guy almost made the whole experience worth it. I can appreciate a man with not just longer but also bigger hair than me. That do had more volume than a sub woofer on full blast! Plus you can't have hair like that and not shake what ya got. Watching him head bang was the highlight of my night. And that's sayin something.

Moral of the story: Skip The Killers and save your pennies for a show worth seeing!

Monday, September 28, 2009

a la concert

Off to see these guys tonight...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Elder, Wait Make That PRESIDENT and Sister Jameson

Can't believe these two are already in Africa! We talked with them on Skype last night and it was like they were just around the corner instead of halfway around the globe. I wish I could've stowaway'd in one of their EIGHT suitcases. That's right I said eight. Apparently the food in the Kinshasa Mission is questionable, pots and pans are pretty much nonexistent, and missionaries are not allowed out of the house after 6pm. Thus the plethora of luggage for freeze dried deliciousness--that might be an oxymoron, cooking gear, and multiple laptops for entertainment/connecting to the outside world. (I'm also pretty sure my fancy-tie-loving-father-in-law stashed a bunch of ties in there too. Why else would you need (once again) EIGHT suitcases when they tell you to only bring three ties??)

Anyway, we're super happy/sad/excited to see them off serving in this place:

Can't wait to hear all about it!!

(See more pictures from our very quick shoot HERE.)

Free Museum Day!

I heard about this at work today and thought I would share. I'm all about fun new things to do and nothing beats free! Here's the scoop:

Enjoy free general admission for you and a guest to hundreds of museums and cultural venues nationwide.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Download your pass for free admission here: http://microsite.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/index.html

These are the Arizona Museums participating:

Arizona Historical Society Arizona History Museum
Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park
Arizona State Museum
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum
Casa Grande Valley Historical Society and Museum
Casa Grande
Cave Creek Museum
Cave Creek
Challenger Space Center
Deer Valley Rock Art Center
Desert Botanical Garden
Desert Caballeros Western Museum
Heard Museum
International Wildlife Museum
Jewish History Museum
Mesa Historical Museum
Phippen Museum
Pioneer Museum
Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park
River of Time Museum
Fountain Hills
Sharlot Hall Museum
Show Low Historical Society Museum
Show Low
The Bead Museum
The Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Birthday Week Saga Continues

So yeah, my blogging skills have been seriously lacking lately. First I just have to give an update on the rest of my week long birthday-o-awesomeness. I can't believe I let this much time pass before getting on here to finish explaining more very important rules for having your own fab birthday week.

Did I mention presents? Whoever said it's better to give than to receive obviously had no idea what they were talking about. (I'm MOSTLY kidding.) I'm pretty much the best present getter there is. First gift was a handy dandy giftcard meant for the purchase of this baby:

Score! I just got my hands on a copy and will incidentally be in hibernation for the next 24-48 hours. If you haven't heard about this series yet, I suggest you get to reading. You'll be glad you did!

Also had to get me some glass! This pretty thing showed up at my door on the very best day of the year, and I was stoked to say the least.

To go with that beauty, my ridiculously good looking husb purchased a domain name for my currently-in-the-works photography website!! One of these days we'll git er' done and show off the finished product, woot!

Oh and another bare necessity to any birthday week bash would have to be super fun/exciting things to do. We hit up this movie, that's right, in the theater. I guess the movies aren't exciting to everyone, but we RARELY go and when we do go, it's usually to see some manly man action movie, aka not my first choice when in movie genres. Not only did I get to choose the movie, but the movie I picked was positively smashing! I leaned over to Scott maybe 30 minutes into it and whispered that I was already completely in love with the whole thing. The soundtrack is equally amazing, a must have most def!

Scott and I also visited the place where it all began. Cheesy I know, but the first night Scott and I "hung out" just me and him, we went for a stroll around my parents' neighborhood and ended up at the elephant park for a long while. It's become one of our sappy spots, and lets face it, I like sappy. Nothing beats a romantic computer nerd!

Finally, the single most important factor to a crazy rad birthday week event of total beawesomeness would have to be one of these:

The week of partying would have been nothing without this guy, and I'm so glad that he's stuck with me for eternity. Just think of all the birthday weeks! ;)