Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Need These

Currently lusting after these:

(Going along with my chick flick mood of course.)

Because you can never have too many copies of P&P (especially one as beautiful as this), and the perfect bag to carry it around in is just a necessity.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

In honor of the day of love, these, my friends, are the top ten best love movies of all time according to moi. I don’t usually consider myself a chick flick kinda girl, but I do love a good romance now and then, and ok so maybe everyday lately. Anyone who can name them all is amazing. At least in my book.
(Did I miss any?











Honorable mentions go to:

Happy heart day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Little Pick Me Up

kisses to these sweet cheeks=my drug of choice. so addicting.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Asleep on the Job

Love this girl taking a snooze in her high chair. What a crazy baby. Must've been completely pooped because she stayed like this for at least an hour. She just looked too peaceful for me to bother with moving her. That sweet baby. We have her one year appointment with the doctor today. ONE YEAR. (Cue denial.) I'm pretty interested to see how much she weighs today, though I doubt she's much bigger than 15 pounds. Tiny little baby. Still trying (unsuccessfully) to get her on the charts for weight. The high chair catnaps aren't helping much, go figure. Notice the crackers that didn't quite make it to her mouth? Totally feel asleep on the job. My silly baby.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I have a list of goals for the year, personal and professional. I used to be obsessed with goal setting, making lists, checking them twice, you know the drill. And the best feeling for me was crossing every last thing off that list. For some reason now though, this is an overwhelming project for me—making and keeping goals for myself that is. If I write them down, I might actually have to DO them. Like as in, make an effort. Aka work. And that’s where you’ve lost me. Hard work is scary, and well…hard. But this year I’m going to do it. I’m starting simple. Just a few short goals, things I want to improve on or accomplish. At the top of my list, I want to be happier being me.

I hate to play the pregnancy card, but I feel like I lost myself for a while when I was pregnant and even afterward for a time. I didn’t recognize myself physically or emotionally. I was constantly exhausted and grumpy, and I’ve never felt so insecure. Lately though, I feel like I’m finally starting to know who I am again, and it’s such a good feeling. So this year I hope to grow more confident, feel more comfortable in my own skin, and just love myself more—as a person, a mother, and a photographer.

(Another goal of mine is to spend more time in front of the camera, and not hate the result.)