Thursday, March 31, 2011

who dat on the blog?!

...Who dat on the blog?! Me! that's who... so first, an intro...

A few weeks ago, Jenna and I were talking about how we would like to be better at posting on our blogs. We have this blog which contains our family awesome-ness, and then we have our photography business blog, Jameson Photos, where we post about photoshoots that we do together and the fun we have as a husband and wife photography team. Jenna has always been the family blogger and does an awesome job but she keeps pretty busy, especially lately with a newborn baby. So... when Jenna and I were talking a few weeks ago, I said something in a half-kidding kind of way like, "hey, I should post on the blog!" Surprisingly, Jenna responded affirmatively saying she was fine with that idea (perhaps after she reads this post... it will be removed quickly and I will be banned from our blogs. So, in summary, be prepared to be bored by my ramblings and "stuff."

Things in our family have been crazy. Now that my parents are home, we are in full, working-hard-to-move-out mode. We have been working on the house like crazy every night. I also took a day off this week to get a whole lot done on the kitchen... and we did. We got all our appliances in and the granite was installed the same day so it looks amazing. Jenna has the "real" pictures that we took with our nice camera (that's worth more than my life), but until then, you all can see the picture that I took with my phone... (don't tell Jenna that I put raw, unedited pictures on our blog... )

here are the guys installing the granite

this is what it looked like when they were done

my dad (as sick as he was) came and helped me install the microwave. I missed those days when we used to work together.

I put in the outlet for the microwave... and it works... imagine that.

And... lastly... here is our finished product at the end of the day...

And... to scare you... here's what it used to look like (before painting, appliances, and counter tops)... 

Jenna and I looked back at all we did that day and we just marveled at how good it looked. We loved it so much that we sat around talking in the kitchen for a while... we didn't want to leave. We are so excited to move in and have our own place that is our own... it's our own especially because of all we've done to it. When we are in and settled, we will have an open house for all to come and see. 

-Scott J.