Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talkin Bout My Girl

So Scott left today for a ten day business trip to Indiana. Let me tell you what, I'm not thrilled about it. We spent half our dating relationship doing the long distance thing, and I feel like I've paid my dues. The difference between then and now is that instead of lots of homework and five crazy roommates, I get to spend my days with the darn cutest girl I know. And that's why I'm grateful today. Eva's heart condition has been a pretty serious reminder to me of just how fragile and precious life is.

Since her little surgery, Eva and I have spent more time down on the floor playing, more time dancing in the kitchen together. I've felt myself trying to be a more patient, attentive, and loving mother to her, and these past few weeks, I've felt my love for Eva increase. Again, I am so grateful for this. Today though I'm missing Scott, I feel closer to Eva than ever, and I am so so glad for every day spent with her.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Week

I thought I'd just let Eva tell about her adventure at the hospital last week, so here goes...

(via Scott's phone)

(via Scott's phone)

(via Scott's phone)

(via Scott's phone)

(via Scott's phone)

(via Scott's phone)

And that's pretty much that. We're back home now and doing great. You'd never guess Eva had surgery only last week, she's just as normal as can be. Now we'll just have to see what the doctor says at our follow up appointment.

Thanks again to all who thought of us and said a little prayer for Eva. Words cannot describe how grateful we are :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Say a Little Prayer for Eva

visits to the cardiologist
lots of worrying
preparing for surgery

These are a few other reasons we've been absent from the blog this summer. Eva has had a heart murmur since birth that we'd hoped would go away on its own. Instead, we found out a few months ago that the murmur is a fairly serious form of aortic valve stenosis. We now know that this valve in Eva's heart did not develop properly in gestation and just doesn't open as much as it should. This basically causes the valve to work extra hard and results in a much higher blood pressure within Eva's heart as compared to the blood pressure of the rest of her body. At least this is my interpretation of all the medical mumbo jumbo.

So Eva will be having surgery tomorrow to help open her aortic valve and reduce a lot of the pressure within her heart. I can't help but get a little choked up at the thought of my tiny girl in the hospital. Just look at this sweet face. Lets hope I can keep it together.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New on the Photoblog

While you wait for me to be more responsible and such on this here blog, check out the recent loveliness on my photoblog over HERE.