Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pretty Peectures

I haven't posted a link to my photoblog on here in a while, but I'm still over HERE blogging away too. Here's one from my latest post. Grant is one coooool dude.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lunch California Style

The best part about Scott's and my California getaway was just getting to be together. It's so rare that we spend a whole day together just us, and those kinds of days are my favorite.

This is us.
(And another one of my attempts to be in more photos.)

After our morning in Newport Beach, we mosey'd over to Balboa Island for lunch. Scott read a review of this little local place online that said it was great partly because tourists don't know it. I guess that myth is busted. We totally tainted it with our tourist ways.

Look how hard he's studying that menu.
It's like he misses school or something.

I enjoyed the scenery and snapped some photos while Scott...
played on his phone.

Sometimes that phone gets more attention than I do.
And that's when we start to have a problem, that phone and I.
I like to think I win.

Food glorious food!
Mmm I can still taste those onions.
I've never liked onions before in my life, but I'm currently obsessed.

Sometimes we play with our food (all the time).

The monumental first bite.

And the result.

The perfect lunch with the perfect boy.
So delish.

Still more to come.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Easter Tradish

Well not that kind of tie dye. These eggs are literally dyed with silk neck ties. I saw this project on Martha and knew we'd have to try it. It just so happens that Scott has a ridiculously large tie collection. (I'm quite sure it would take him at least five years worth of Sunday's to wear them all once.) Luckily he has some pretty funky ones, and (after a little persuading) he was willing to part with them for a crafty cause. So we made a quick trip to D.I. for a glass pot ($1) and a pillow case (50 cents) and it was time to get our craft on. Here's the end result. Cool huh?

I'm definitely impressed with how they turned out. And the process is so simple. (We did use hard boiled eggs instead of raw like Martha.)

This might just become an Easter tradition in the Jameson fam.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Tribute

torry steven dwight
1.18.86 - 3.26.10

we didn't keep in very close touch after high school, but i don't have many memories from 8-12th grade that don't involve torry. i went to his funeral on Tuesday and was so completely overwhelmed by the realization that he's gone. thoughts of all the fun times came flooding back. tears came flooding out. i kept it together for most of the service, took all i had. i bawled the entire way home. he played a lead role in some of my most memorable years, and if i had to choose a theme, it would be laughter. i think anyone who knew him would agree. not a day went by with torry without it.

this is from my jr. high journal on 5.1.01.
sums up our friendship well i think.

more pics i dug up.

and a list of my favorite times.

using a brown sharpie to give people and things "moles"
making bad mood signs
making bump on eye signs after Shepin's eye bump
calling each other nicknames (torr and jenn jenn)
drawing all sorts of sheepy's
making the good place for our trash on the bus in california
saying it's a good place all the time
saying it's a good place in chinese all the time
eating peach flavored gummies from lee lee's
making sock puppets for history class and making one into a sheepy puppet
prank calling people from school and telling them to go catch their refrigerators
writing ridiculously long messages in each other's yearbooks
the scream song (jump around by house of pain)
riding in a limo through the movie theater parking lot
making up fake screen names and trying to mess with people
renaming mrs. wallace big w
stealing big w's staples every day until she locked them up
stealing big w's turkey stuffed animal and holding it for ransom when she locked up her staples
buying amanda's bday present of castor oil, modeling clay, pepperoni stick, etc at the dollar store
singing twinkle twinkle in chinese
ditching everyone at disneyland
honking the horn for no reason
choosing random numbers to be the answers on our chem homework for mr. mellyn
comparing crazy mom stories
chawls tawget/kmawt/walmawt and his rolling backpack
ditching orchestra for taco bell runs
making up crazy stories for the security guards to let us out of the parking lot
being aimrats
making abbreviations like ridic and hilare
saying "wanna play" with a crazy look in our eyes
playing tricks on people using three way calling
making up a song about potatoes in chinese
studying for bio all day and only remembering that people diagnosed with down syndrome have thick tongues
the stick game
eating guacamole 24/7
renaming mr. worsnop "worsnopii"
yelling dragon at the kid with the chinese symbol for dragon on his shirt everyday
blasting chinese and japanese pop music
making up chinese names for ourselves (toe lee mah)
talking on the phone about nothing all night long
catching up with long and interesting chats on google while bored and stuck on bedrest
laughing until crying then laughing some more

so glad this life is not the end.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Favorite Things

Gosh, I have so many things I want to share. The rest of our California trip, our easter egg dying experience, a funeral I attended this week. Plus some weddings, another preschool, and more families for the photoblog. Wish I wasn't stuck at work bored outta my gourd.

For now, a few of my favorite things this Easter.

*Clockwise from the top:
vintage glass via D.I. (our go to shopping spot, sad huh?),
pretty green grass (a nice change from dead and yellow),
the best candy ever (I wait all year for these),
and cheesy decor (Easter just wouldn't be the same without it).

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter With the Jameson's

I had a mahhvelous weekend watching our church's General Conference and commemorating the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior. I don't talk much about them here, but my beliefs are so important to me, and it truly was a wonderful weekend. Still I'm hoping to watch Conf. again this week. One can only pay so much attention with a naughty cute little babe getting into everything.

Speaking of that girl, she got her first visit from this guy.

Complete with one of these.
(Thank you Target Dollar Shop.)

Being the cracker and book loving girl that she is, you'd think that miss Eva would be stoked to get a giant bag of animal crackers and a pack of four new books all to herself, plus some other cool stuff to boot.

Yeah no.

Next year I think we'll forgo all the stuff and stick with the basket of grass.

(Ok seriously. So in love with this grin.)

I guess she did also enjoy the eggs that Scott surprised us with around the house Sunday morning.

Love that boy.
And this girl.

Happy Easter!